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CAGr Book Club

Welcome to the CAGr Book Club! Immerse yourself in our exquisitely curated collection of recommended reads, thoughtfully selected for discerning bibliophiles like yourself. Relish our past events that were Cherished by our community

Two open books_edited.png
Allie and Jacob attended KinnektorCon to create new connections within the Fox Valley and
If it was possible, I would plant a book like wheat on every inch of land._edited.png

Our Recommendations

More than just books. We have created a dashboard to help you navigate the finance & investments world.

Feel free to explore the Capital Markets & economy through authors & creators worldwide.

If you have found a book or a movie or an article you think deserves a place here please feel free to share them.

Happy learning

Recommended Books

Past CAGr Events

Daily Coffee & Startups

Members engaged in discussion with Sarthak Ahuja
Author of Daily Coffee & Startup Fundraising.

A comprehensive guide to starting up & raising capital in India.
Sarthak Ahuja is a Chartered Accountant
An Investment Banker with over a decade of experience
in startup advisory across industries.

He helps startups raise funds,
and creates educational content for the founder community
He is accessible on various social media platforms

Just Energy

The community tries to understand how the economy depends on energy to meet its growth needs. Without energy security, we shall have no sustainable growth. Yet we cannot abuse the ecosystem to meet our growth numbers as it has proven counter-productive on a stretch

About The Guest:-
Navneeraj heads the Strategy and Research function at Climate Connect Digital. He builds digital, AI/ML solutions for O&M of renewable energy assets and decarbonization of various sectors.

In-Vest in Real Estate

Musolani Chhikara, an expert in the real estate ecosystem, and Emmanuel Suraj, an expert in the financial ecosystem, engage in a 1-hour session. They delve deep into the art of utilizing the land as a priceless asset, elevating your investments, and mastering the art of risk management.
Discover the unparalleled potential of the real estate landscape, strategically enhancing its value to maximize returns, as we unravel the intricacies of property investments. Explore the art of identifying promising opportunities, and unveil the intricacies behind making informed decisions in this lucrative domain.

Business growth and venture debt with Apoorva Sharma

Join the discussion as we delve into business growth, capital adequacies, art of identifying and nurturing startups thus enhancing our understanding of the private markets and the crucial role that VCs and networks play in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, and exploring exciting career opportunities
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