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Rich Dad Poor Dad


Robert T. Kiyosaki



Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad follows snippets of Robert Kiyosaki’s childhood as he starts learning about money from the young age of nine. The name of the book comes from Kiyosaki’s real father who was the “poor dad” and his friend’s father who was the “rich dad”. His real father was a professor who earned a lot yet always struggled financially, while his friend’s father, an entrepreneur who left school at an early age ended up as one of the richest people in Hawaii. Kiyosaki often tried to understand the perspective of both his rich dad and poor dad, however, his rich dad’s advice is what helped him gain knowledge of finances and acquire wealth.

The book introduces the concepts of cash flow, balance sheet, income statement, assets, and liabilities in a simple manner, easy for everyone to understand. The author wishes that everyone was taught the basics of finances from childhood like he was, which he lists as one of the reasons for writing this book. The importance of knowing the difference between assets and liabilities and focusing on investing in assets is emphasized through multiple chapters and called “the number one and the only rule”.

Rich Dad Poor Dad consists of 10 chapters and an epilogue. Chapters contain simple explanations of basic finance concepts, often followed by pictures and examples from the author’s life or from his family and friends.

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