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The Community for Finance & Investment Enthusiasts.

Established with the vision of taking,
investor education & financial awareness to an epitome.

Knowledge sharing
 & Collective Intelligence at its best.


The Indian financial services ecosystem- 
struggles to find suitable human-resource for its ever-growing businesses'.


On the other hand, 
Individuals find it very difficult 
to get accepted for a role that empowers them in the financial landscape.


CAGr wishes to bridge this gap by enabling tangible and efficient awareness, education and a personalised network.

Ensuring that, 
Individuals attain the right skillset & Institutions get the right talent.

Meet us at the Two Horizon Center, Gurugram

Who is CAGr relevant for?

Finance Professionals

Banking & Consulting

Economics & Finance

Traders & Investors

What to EXPECT?

A High-Income Skillset. 

150+ hours of live sessions & 3500+ minutes of implementation, Need-based 1 to 1 sessions with industry experts

Hands-on experience- work in the industry (on live projects)

Exposure to prepare for various charters. (CFA, CMT, FRM, Actuarial)

Unique on-the-job learning (optional)

With partner Investment Banks and Consulting firms


12 Months of subscription (data, sessions & learnings)

*That can be nominally renewed on an annual basis

Personalized Mentoring-

Career navigation through Finance & Consulting.


Focused practical & implementable outlook with an adaptive market knowledge & intelligence

Insights about derivatives & technical instruments

Guest sessions- Deep-dive with various industry experts


Work on real-time data
and live projects


An opportunity to get behind the wheel


Learn from the doers-
Founders, Authors, Investors


Handholding at its best
by the best



Nothing superficial,

we promise

CAGr Members MIX

Background of current CAGr members

Background of current CAGr members

Industries CAGr members represent
Industries CAGr members represent

Industries CAGr members represent

Drop by or Say hi!


5th Floor, Two Horizon Centre, Gurugram, HR 122002


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri


9:00 am – 6:00 pm

9:00 am – 2:00 pm

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